July 23

Everybody hates Car Troubles


Car Troubles

On the subject of transitions, I believe that I am rapidly approaching the transition to a new vehicle.

There’s a thing that has been happening with my car.

Six months ago, I started to have troubles with the car starting. At first, I thought it might be a battery issue because when I put the key in the ignition and turned it on, it didn’t turn over at all. There was no sound that happened except for a click of the key.

The first time it happened I thought for sure it was a battery problem. I sat there for a while and then tried to turn it on again and this time, the engine turned over and the car started and I was on my way.

A couple of days later the same thing happened and again I thought it was possibly a dead battery. I waited for a few minutes, tried it again, and again the ignition turned on and I was on my way.

Over the next few weeks, this situation occurred intermittently. Sometimes I had to sit there for several minutes waiting until the engine would turn on again, but it did always turn on.

That made me think that there was some issue connected with the starter or a sensor or a wiring problem.

Then I had six months with no trouble at all. Not even a hint of an issue with the ignition.

That is until this last week when all of a sudden I went to turn the car on and it wouldn’t start. I was sitting in front of chipotle at the time. To myself I said great, here we go again. But it did turn on and I was on my way. That happened several times over the next few days.

Three days ago, I could not get the engine to turn over for the life of me. I worked and worked on it for half an hour. I would try to turn it on and then I would just sit there for a few minutes and then try to turn it on again and sit there for a few more minutes.

This literally went on for half an hour at which point I gave up.

I called a friend who came and checked it out and thought that maybe it was that the key had worn out and there was some kind of security issue that was not allowing the worn out key to make contact with something or other and turn the car on.

So that friend took me to his house and loaned me his extra car and I was able to drive home. But my car was still sitting in the parking lot at Walmart.

The next morning, I called a tow truck which fortunately was covered by my insurance and I met the tow truck driver in the Walmart parking lot near my van.

I handed the key to the tow truck driver. He got into my car, put the key in the ignition and wouldn’t you know it, the car started just fine.

That was very frustrating but I still went ahead and had him tow my van to the shop.

For the next two days the mechanic worked to diagnose the issue with my car. Every time he tried to turn the car on it did actually turn on. So he did not encounter the issue that I have been having troubles with.

This afternoon, however, I did get a call from the mechanic who said that the issue appeared to be the starter. So for $250 he is going to install a new starter.

He did say that I should not need to order a new key. I had just been making some phone calls to locksmiths to see about getting a new Ignition key and to my surprise it was going to cost somewhere between $125 and $175.

I had no idea a new ignition key would cost so much.

So it’s good news that I will not have to get a new key in addition to having the starter replaced.

This is an older vehicle however and I think that I am approaching a transition period of needing to bite the bullet and get rid of this vehicle and invest in a new one.

July 21




I think that one of the hardest kinds of transitions involves a geographical or physical move. Meaning when you have to move out of your house or apartment and move to another location, whether that’s across town or across the country.

Probably a cross-country move is harder than a crosstown move but they both involve upheaval, inconvenience, hassle, and a schedule that is turned upside down.

I remember when I moved across the country because my job was changing locations.

I was not excited about the place that my company was moving to and I was not excited about uprooting my family and making the geographical move.

The move involved relocating from Southern California to Central Florida. There was nothing about Central Florida that sounded appealing to me.

The move had to happen and I made the move despite how I felt about it.

It did end up having a silver lining which was that I could build a house in central Florida whereas in southern California it was too expensive to own anything larger than a mailbox.

So moving to central Florida had that great benefit … that is, home ownership.

It did take a while to have the house built and that was a hassle but that would’ve happened anywhere. The move from Southern California to Central Florida happened before the house was built. So the move resulted in a temporary location to stay and then another move to the house.

The move to central Florida and to the temporary location was a big transition because it involved being the new kids on the block and having to find all new services, shopping places, place of worship, and circles of friends.

I remember when I knew that I had to make the move, I felt quite overwhelmed.

Even just the thought of having to learn a new grocery store and the location of food items on the various aisles felt like a big deal. Added to that the knowledge that I would have to research and find and establish a relationship with a new dentist and a new doctor, and get my kids started into a new school, all added to the enormity of the transition.

Those were all real things that had to happen and that did happen. They took time. But they did it all happen and I did end up living in the house that we built for 15 years.

Last year I had to move from the house into a rental property.

That move was not something that I was expecting to do and it felt like a big deal and it required having to collect a whole house full of furniture and start all over again.

I thought I would be here for a long time but then I was notified that the owners of the house wanted to sell the property and I was going to have to move again, barely a year after I moved in.

So I’m in another transition period, looking again for a place to live, facing packing everything up, moving stuff, unpacking, and creating a new home. It’s stressful and disruptive. It takes time to do all that. I’m not happy about it.

Some moves and transitions are happy and exciting. Others are just a pain in the butt and are a necessary evil.

July 16

Leaving the Nest

Leaving the Nest

Leaving the Nest

Talking about transition periods makes me think of my son, who is going to be a junior in high school this fall.

We are in a transition now of him becoming an adult and getting ready to move out of the house.

If the son is anything like my other two children that went before him, he will be ready to move out of the house pretty much the day that he graduates.

My two older children did this. It was like they were ready to fly as soon as they were finished with school.

Now this third child does tend to be more laid-back than the first two. I don’t know if it’s because he’s a third child or just has a more easy-going temperament.

He was in no rush to get his learners permit and let almost a full year elapse from the time he was eligible to get his permit to the time he actually went and got it.

Actually, the motivation for getting his driver’s license was that he wanted to get lip piercings. I took him to the tattoo parlor that also did piercings, and we were told there that my son would have to have a state-issued ID in order to get the piercings. He also had to have a notarized permission slip, but that was something that was peripheral.

We left the tattoo parlor and by the end of that day he had jumped through all of the hoops to get his learner’s permit. The next day we went to the DMV, he got his learners permit, and the next day we went to the tattoo parlor and he got his lip piercings. It was all about the motivation. (I should say here that the lip piercings did not take. He did not keep ice on them and his lip swelled up and rejected the piercings and he had to remove the studs.)

Anyway, so this same child who was not in any rush to get his driver’s license may also not be in a giant rush to move out.

But I won’t know that until we get there.

Whether or not he moves out when he graduates, we still are in a transition period of him being a child and him being an adult. Also between him being a minor living at home and an adult who is living on his own.

I am bracing myself for his decision to move out. He will be the last of my children to leave the nest.

So this is a transition time for him but it’s also a transition time for me. I am transitioning from having a house of children to an empty nest.

As we are in this transition time I am quite aware of the things that I think my son should know before he leaves home but I have not taught him yet.

I’m glad that I’m thinking about this now that he has two years still at home. I want to be intentional about teaching him things that will help him when he leaves.

Although he has done household chores as part of his weekly responsibilities for a long time, I I’m aware that some of those could be done better. I would like to make sure he knows very well how to do all basic household chores. I would like to make sure that he knows how to cook basic meals. I would like to make sure that he knows how to handle money in a basic way at least, and to budget, and to save, and about basic investing.

So this is a transition time that I see also as a ramp up learning time in terms of life skills that I want him to leave the house with.

There are probably other less tangible areas that would be good for him to be prepared in and I will be thinking about those as well.

July 14

Disclaimer and Privacy

Hey just wanted to give you some info on how we feel about privacy on our site. You can rest assured that we will always keep you info private and we don’t collect or (and by default) share your information with anyone.

We hope that this answers any questions that you might have.



July 12

About Jeremiah


Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m Jeremiah.

The overall subject of this blog is going to be transitions. I may veer off course occasionally, but that’s the overarching theme. Most of the articles will fall under that same theme although there will probably be subcategories.

You may wonder about the domain name I chose: 4pcsatellitetv.com.

I’ll have to be honest with you, I really didn’t care what kind of domain name I found. I was not all obsessed with finding something that would actually make sense with my blog, and I was just looking for a good domain name that was strong, didn’t have any Google dings against it, and that was clean.

I found this domain name and it satisfied all of those criteria, so I just grabbed it and went with it. So don’t try to read anything special into the domain name because that will just be a waste of your time, LOL. It is what it is. It doesn’t mean anything special.

So about transitions. Our lives are full of transitions and they occur for all of us at various points of our years. Some transitions we expect and we know are coming and we prepare for them. Other ones we expect and we know they’re coming and we don’t prepare for them. Other ones we don’t expect and we don’t know are coming and we don’t prepare for them.

You can have transitions that are normal life transitions that occur while you are growing up and progressing through adulthood.

The transitions can be when you are a kid and you transition from preschool to kindergarten, and then to grade school, and then to high school and so forth. You can have transitions as a kid from one particular growth stage of life to the next.

You can have transitions as an adult from being a young adult transitioning into being part of the adult workforce, transitioning into retirement.

As an adult, you can also have transitions related to your social and marital status.

You can be a single who transitions into life in a relationship. You can transition from a temporary relationship into a permanent relationship like a marriage. You can then transition from marriage with your spouse to marriage and kids.

You can transition from married with kids into an empty nest scenario and then into a retirement scenario and then into even a nursing home scenario where are you may be without the spouse that you have lived with for a long time.

There are other kinds of transitions that occur also. There can be occupational transitions that necessitate a geographical move. The move is itself a transition from one house or apartment to another house or apartment.

Accompanying the physical transition is an emotional transition—adjusting to the new surroundings. Dealing with finding new friends. Becoming acquainted with the neighborhood. Identifying new service providers.

We’ll explore all of these various transitions through the coming blog articles.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the read.