July 23

Everybody hates Car Troubles


Car Troubles

On the subject of transitions, I believe that I am rapidly approaching the transition to a new vehicle.

There’s a thing that has been happening with my car.

Six months ago, I started to have troubles with the car starting. At first, I thought it might be a battery issue because when I put the key in the ignition and turned it on, it didn’t turn over at all. There was no sound that happened except for a click of the key.

The first time it happened I thought for sure it was a battery problem. I sat there for a while and then tried to turn it on again and this time, the engine turned over and the car started and I was on my way.

A couple of days later the same thing happened and again I thought it was possibly a dead battery. I waited for a few minutes, tried it again, and again the ignition turned on and I was on my way.

Over the next few weeks, this situation occurred intermittently. Sometimes I had to sit there for several minutes waiting until the engine would turn on again, but it did always turn on.

That made me think that there was some issue connected with the starter or a sensor or a wiring problem.

Then I had six months with no trouble at all. Not even a hint of an issue with the ignition.

That is until this last week when all of a sudden I went to turn the car on and it wouldn’t start. I was sitting in front of chipotle at the time. To myself I said great, here we go again. But it did turn on and I was on my way. That happened several times over the next few days.

Three days ago, I could not get the engine to turn over for the life of me. I worked and worked on it for half an hour. I would try to turn it on and then I would just sit there for a few minutes and then try to turn it on again and sit there for a few more minutes.

This literally went on for half an hour at which point I gave up.

I called a friend who came and checked it out and thought that maybe it was that the key had worn out and there was some kind of security issue that was not allowing the worn out key to make contact with something or other and turn the car on.

So that friend took me to his house and loaned me his extra car and I was able to drive home. But my car was still sitting in the parking lot at Walmart.

The next morning, I called a tow truck which fortunately was covered by my insurance and I met the tow truck driver in the Walmart parking lot near my van.

I handed the key to the tow truck driver. He got into my car, put the key in the ignition and wouldn’t you know it, the car started just fine.

That was very frustrating but I still went ahead and had him tow my van to the shop.

For the next two days the mechanic worked to diagnose the issue with my car. Every time he tried to turn the car on it did actually turn on. So he did not encounter the issue that I have been having troubles with.

This afternoon, however, I did get a call from the mechanic who said that the issue appeared to be the starter. So for $250 he is going to install a new starter.

He did say that I should not need to order a new key. I had just been making some phone calls to locksmiths to see about getting a new Ignition key and to my surprise it was going to cost somewhere between $125 and $175.

I had no idea a new ignition key would cost so much.

So it’s good news that I will not have to get a new key in addition to having the starter replaced.

This is an older vehicle however and I think that I am approaching a transition period of needing to bite the bullet and get rid of this vehicle and invest in a new one.

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