July 16

Leaving the Nest

Leaving the Nest

Leaving the Nest

Talking about transition periods makes me think of my son, who is going to be a junior in high school this fall.

We are in a transition now of him becoming an adult and getting ready to move out of the house.

If the son is anything like my other two children that went before him, he will be ready to move out of the house pretty much the day that he graduates.

My two older children did this. It was like they were ready to fly as soon as they were finished with school.

Now this third child does tend to be more laid-back than the first two. I don’t know if it’s because he’s a third child or just has a more easy-going temperament.

He was in no rush to get his learners permit and let almost a full year elapse from the time he was eligible to get his permit to the time he actually went and got it.

Actually, the motivation for getting his driver’s license was that he wanted to get lip piercings. I took him to the tattoo parlor that also did piercings, and we were told there that my son would have to have a state-issued ID in order to get the piercings. He also had to have a notarized permission slip, but that was something that was peripheral.

We left the tattoo parlor and by the end of that day he had jumped through all of the hoops to get his learner’s permit. The next day we went to the DMV, he got his learners permit, and the next day we went to the tattoo parlor and he got his lip piercings. It was all about the motivation. (I should say here that the lip piercings did not take. He did not keep ice on them and his lip swelled up and rejected the piercings and he had to remove the studs.)

Anyway, so this same child who was not in any rush to get his driver’s license may also not be in a giant rush to move out.

But I won’t know that until we get there.

Whether or not he moves out when he graduates, we still are in a transition period of him being a child and him being an adult. Also between him being a minor living at home and an adult who is living on his own.

I am bracing myself for his decision to move out. He will be the last of my children to leave the nest.

So this is a transition time for him but it’s also a transition time for me. I am transitioning from having a house of children to an empty nest.

As we are in this transition time I am quite aware of the things that I think my son should know before he leaves home but I have not taught him yet.

I’m glad that I’m thinking about this now that he has two years still at home. I want to be intentional about teaching him things that will help him when he leaves.

Although he has done household chores as part of his weekly responsibilities for a long time, I I’m aware that some of those could be done better. I would like to make sure he knows very well how to do all basic household chores. I would like to make sure that he knows how to cook basic meals. I would like to make sure that he knows how to handle money in a basic way at least, and to budget, and to save, and about basic investing.

So this is a transition time that I see also as a ramp up learning time in terms of life skills that I want him to leave the house with.

There are probably other less tangible areas that would be good for him to be prepared in and I will be thinking about those as well.

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