July 20

Macrame Instructor?


Some transitions are the uncomfortable sort that you have to navigate with the help of third parties who are objective and knowledgeable in areas where you are ignorant.

I’m thinking of personal or emotional transitions that require the help of a therapist or a counselor or a psychiatrist. Or maybe they don’t require the help, but they are certainly made easier with the help.

When a person goes through a life situation that results in a state a depression, it can be very useful to have a professional involved to help get to the bottom of things and process them and work toward regaining emotional and mental health.

Sometimes medication can help the process.

Some personal transitions actually necessitate the help or representation of a legal professional, like a lawyer.

Now, in these cases, I’m not talking about hiring an international law firm that practices international law and corporate law and international wealth management and international estate planning.

No, I’m talking about finding the best law firm in the field that a person is dealing with. For example, one that deals with personal injury law and personal injury settlements and personal injury claims; one that knows what you’re talking about when you ask about a personal injury calculator or personal injury insurance.

Or one that practices family law, if you’re dealing with a divorce situation, or a custody battle, or child support, or some such other related matter.

Really, if you’re in a situation where you’ve been in a car accident and are suffering a physical injury, or your car has gotten pulverized, or you hit someone and—God forbid—killed them, or you ran your car across an intersection and crashed into a house and went through the living room wall and ended up two feet from an old geezer in a rocking chair who then went into cardiac arrest and now his family is suing you, you need to hire a lawyer to get you out of that mess.

Or maybe you had one beer too many and went off a low bridge and plowed into a fancy landscaped area below and took out ten thousand dollars’ worth of exotic bromeliads that had been flown in just the week before from a specialty grower in Borneo. You need to hire a lawyer to get you out of that mess.

Here’s just a small aside. . . . If you’re thinking about become a corporate lawyer because you really want that corporate law salary and you’re focused on corporate law jobs (but know you have to sift through all the corporate law schools out there, decide on one, attend it, and actually graduate from it), don’t let that pursuit distract you from the goal of finding a legal professional to help you with your particular life transition. Or to get you out of the scrape you find yourself in.

It is important that you deal with your current situation or your life transition and find the right kind of attorney to help you get through that. When that has been resolved, then you can go on to your career pursuits like becoming a corporate lawyer or a certified macramé instructor at the local YMCA.

Ok, enough about that. I need to go get a cup of coffee anyway.

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