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I think that one of the hardest kinds of transitions involves a geographical or physical move. Meaning when you have to move out of your house or apartment and move to another location, whether that’s across town or across the country.

Probably a cross-country move is harder than a crosstown move but they both involve upheaval, inconvenience, hassle, and a schedule that is turned upside down.

I remember when I moved across the country because my job was changing locations.

I was not excited about the place that my company was moving to and I was not excited about uprooting my family and making the geographical move.

The move involved relocating from Southern California to Central Florida. There was nothing about Central Florida that sounded appealing to me.

The move had to happen and I made the move despite how I felt about it.

It did end up having a silver lining which was that I could build a house in central Florida whereas in southern California it was too expensive to own anything larger than a mailbox.

So moving to central Florida had that great benefit … that is, home ownership.

It did take a while to have the house built and that was a hassle but that would’ve happened anywhere. The move from Southern California to Central Florida happened before the house was built. So the move resulted in a temporary location to stay and then another move to the house.

The move to central Florida and to the temporary location was a big transition because it involved being the new kids on the block and having to find all new services, shopping places, place of worship, and circles of friends.

I remember when I knew that I had to make the move, I felt quite overwhelmed.

Even just the thought of having to learn a new grocery store and the location of food items on the various aisles felt like a big deal. Added to that the knowledge that I would have to research and find and establish a relationship with a new dentist and a new doctor, and get my kids started into a new school, all added to the enormity of the transition.

Those were all real things that had to happen and that did happen. They took time. But they did it all happen and I did end up living in the house that we built for 15 years.

Last year I had to move from the house into a rental property.

That move was not something that I was expecting to do and it felt like a big deal and it required having to collect a whole house full of furniture and start all over again.

I thought I would be here for a long time but then I was notified that the owners of the house wanted to sell the property and I was going to have to move again, barely a year after I moved in.

So I’m in another transition period, looking again for a place to live, facing packing everything up, moving stuff, unpacking, and creating a new home. It’s stressful and disruptive. It takes time to do all that. I’m not happy about it.

Some moves and transitions are happy and exciting. Others are just a pain in the butt and are a necessary evil.

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